Working with landowners to make their timber and land the best that it can be since 1985.
Our Foresters
Stephen P. Lindberg, President, Area Manager

Steve Lindberg began his career as a forestry consultant in 1977 after obtaining a B.S. Degree in Forestry with a concentration in Forest Management from the University of New Hampshire.


Steve’s forestry career began before college graduation as a part time employee of Bickford Lumber Company in Tamworth, New Hampshire. He did custom sawing for local farmers and landowners on weekends. Coupled with the weekend mill work he became a Dendrology Lab Teaching Assistant for Dr. Tom Adams and a Wood Technology Teaching Assistant for Dr. John Hill at the University of New Hampshire Forestry Departments and School of Natural Resources. During the summers Steve was employed by the U.S. Forest Service in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This led to an 8 month appointment with U.S.F.S. following graduation from UNH in May of 1977.


In September of 1977 Steve had an opportunity to work for a large forestry consulting firm, The James M. Vardaman Company, Inc., based out of Jackson Mississippi. He worked as a woods supervisor in Columbus GA for a year and then was appointed Branch Manager of the company’s Richmond VA office where he was promoted in 1982 to Vice President. During this tenure Steve was responsible for forest management activities and timber sales in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland as well as real estate sales in Virginia.


The above experience led Steve to open Timber Marketing & Management, Inc. in 1985 in Richmond Virginia. In 1988 Timber Marketing & Management, Inc. moved their offices to Chesterfield Virginia. In 1989 Steve formed a joint venture with Edwin Orr and opened an office in Raleigh North Carolina. The North Carolina operations are now owned and operated by Edwin Orr.


Steve and Edwin continue to assist and work with each other to offer clients a regional perspective to their approach of forest management. This association allows the 2 companies to cooperate together in many ways including sharing their staff during times of high demand. Steve and Edwin together with their seasonal and experienced staffs work together on large real estate transactions and anytime their combined knowledge will benefit their clients.


At Timber Marketing & Management, Inc. Steve continues to utilize his extensive forest management and real estate expertise by working with private timberland owners in maximizing their timberland investment returns and enjoyment of ownership.


Steve is a registered professional forester in North Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia and is a licensed real estate sales agent in Virginia. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters as well as many other professional organizations.


Steve is an avid outdoorsman which includes hunting and fishing and spending time with his family.  Most of all Steve is proud to call himself a family man, as he loves spending time with his wife Wendy whom he met at the University of New Hampshire and his 3 children and grandchildren.
Andrew J. Lindberg, Vice President, Area Manager

Andrew Lindberg began his full time forestry consulting career in 2006 after graduating from Lynchburg College with a B.S. Degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Forestry. However, Andrew’s forestry career had begun in 1999 as he worked in the field crew for Timber Marketing & Management Inc. during the summer months. He continued to work summers as a member on the field crew staff throughout the high school and college years, which allowed him to learn and focus on field inventory, cruising, boundary line maintenance etc. After coming on as a full time employee, Andrew climbed the ranks and became an Area Manager, where he assists landowners with various aspects of forest management, including timber sales and appraisals, reforestation and herbicide work.


Andrew has a growing passion and love for the outdoors, which led him to start his own side business County-Line Custom Woodworking.  At County-Line Custom Woodworking Andrew operates a custom sawmill and woodworking business which allows him to further explore the natural beauty of central Virginia’s trees for more than just their timber value.


Andrew is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting, fishing, boating and pretty much anything outdoors. Most of all, Andrew loves spending time with his family and two children and wife. Andrew is the second generation of Timber Marketing & Management Inc. and hopes that one day his children will get involved with the family business as well.

Matt Sandman, Area Manager
Matt Sandman graduated from Virginia Tech in 2003 with a B.S. in Industrial Forestry Operations.  He began his career in the woods at a young age helping his father who was a forestry consultant in Appomattox, Virginia.  He decided to follow in his father's footsteps and purse a career in forestry and took his first job as a forester for a logger based in Keysville, Virginia.  His professional career has covered about every facet of the forestry industry including procurement, management, government research and currently as a forestry consultant with Timber Marketing & Management, Inc.

Matt and his family are active members of his hometown community is Appomattox, Virginia.  They volunteer their time with local organizations, sports and non-profit groups.  His wife and two daughters keep him active and engaged and he has bestowed upon them a love and appreciation for the great outdoors.

As the newest addition to the Timber Marketing & Management team, Matt looks forward to working with current and future clients to make their land and timber investments the best that they can be.
Gregory C. Garrison, Staff Forester, past Vice President

Greg Garrison graduated from Virginia Tech in 1977 with a B.S. in Forestry. He began his career with the U.S. Forest Service in 1976-1977 in Idaho. He has been a consultant forester since 1978 working for the James Vardaman Company in Mississippi, South Carolina and Virginia. He joined Timber Marketing & Management, Inc. in 1985 as Vice President and Area Manager when the company was formed.


Greg has extensive experience in many aspects of consulting forestry, including timber sales and appraisals, timberland sales, and reforestation. He has been involved in the continuous management of many of his client’s property for over 30 years.